uci indoor cycling world championships


From December 06 to December 08 World's Elite in Indoor Cycling will meet for the second time in Basel.


Be part of an amazing Event during which Athletes will compete against each other and delight the audience with a Mixture of Acrobatics, Dynamics, and Speed!


Opening Hours VIP area:

Friday 10.00 Uhr- 21.30 Uhr

Saturday 9.00 Uhr- 21.30 Uhr

Sunday 8.30 Uhr- 16.30 Uhr


VIP Mealtimes:

Friday 18.00 Uhr- 20.00 Uhr

Saturday 12.00 Uhr- 14.00 Uhr

Saturday 17.00 Uhr- 19.00 Uhr

Sunday 12.00 Uhr- 14.00 UhrPayment

It is possible to pay with EUR, CHF or Card. We recommend to pay with CHF or Card, as the exchange rate is 1:1. There's an atm in front of the St. Jakobshalle as well. 


Food & Drinks

There are different food stands offering diverse things. Here's a sneak peek to the food and drinks offered: 

  • Diverse Pasta: CHF/EUR 10.00 - CHF/EUR 12.00
  • Chili con Carne with rice: CHF/EUR 13.00
  • Bread flambée: CHF/EUR 7.00
  • Doner Kebap: CHF/EUR 10.00
  • French Fries: CHF/EUR 7.00
  • Sandwiches: CHF/EUR 5.00 - CHF/EUR 8.00
  • Beer 4dl: CHF/EUR 6.00
  • Diverse Softdrinks 4dl: CHF/EUR 5.00
  • And of course many more!